Leboris PVC/WPC


Leboris has always sustainingly balanced nature by using recycled materials for development of innovative products. Leboris introduces its innovative range of Graffico PVC/WPC boards manufactured in various thickness and density. It is acclaimed as the best alternative for natural wood and plywood. WPC board is a long-lasting, environment-friendly, durable, and extremely high water and moisture resistant material

that can be used for application such as cupboards, kitchen panels, crockery unit, cabinets in washroom, etc. It’s engineering capabilities makes it reusable & Eco-friendly. Our superiorly manufactured PVC/WPC boards are perfectly suitable for interior application as well as exterior application. At Leboris, we continuously strive to meet the evolving needs of our clients with quality , diversification & durability at its core.

Features Of LEBORIS Graffico PVC/WPC

  • Eco-friendly in nature
  • Engineered to make termite and borer free
  • Economical in nature saving time and help construction faster
  • Truly Fire retardant
  • It is 100% waterproof
  • It's acceptance is increasing due its versatility and easy-to-use nature.

Leboris PVC
SIZE 18 mm 17 mm 12 mm 08 mm 06 mm
PRICE(PER SQFT) Rs. 238 Rs. 220 Rs. 162 Rs. 120 Rs. 90
Leboris WPC
SIZE 18 mm 12 mm 08 mm 06 mm
PRICE (PER SQFT) Rs. 260 Rs. 175 Rs. 135 Rs. 105

PVC/WPC Products

Leboris Wpc

Rs. 105

Leboris Pvc

Rs. 90