Leboris Natural Veneers

Natural veneers

Art doesn’t overpower interiors, it just effortlessly fits in!!

Explore the timeless and raw beauty of Nature with Leboris Natural Veneers. Made of finest timbers from around the world, LEBORIS Veneers bestow customers with 1000+ range of veneers, characterised by placements, design & texture. Veneer flitch of Leboris are handpicked across the globe from nations of Europe, South America, Africa & Russia.

The ageless exquisiteness of veneers are a result of in-depth knowledge and scientific knowhow about the species & grade of natural timber used with latest methodology while adapting advancements in technology. Combining Nature, without losing its essence, with continuous innovation has been at core of Leboris, to give its clientele a unique and fresh thought each time.

Natural Veneers Range

Tanned Series

Aspen Series

Fishbone Range

Riverbed Series

Palle’ Series


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